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Who Is Rob Cottingham?

Rob Cottingham, P.Eng. is a professional electrical engineer, project manager, and senior energy consultant. He serves as a volunteer Trail Ambassador for Oakville's Adopt-A-Park program (i.e. Taplow Creek Trail and Woodgate Woods Park). He cares deeply for Oakville and wants to ensure that it remains Canada's Most Livable Town for many generations to come. His vision is for Oakville-Halton to be a leader among Canadian municipalities in the global fight against environmental damage. By vigorously taking steps to protect our land, water and air, we will ensure a happy and sustainable future for our grandchildren and their grandchildren's grandchildren. This can be done without breaking the bank - sustainable facilities and practices can cost LESS than unsustainable/wasteful ones. Sometimes, it just takes a little creativity.

Rob has over 30 years of industry experience in electric utilities, water treatment plants, mining, chemicals and energy systems - specializing in industrial automation. In his current role he also consults on solar power generation systems.

Rob is a 54-year old father of four grown children. He is health conscious (vegan most of the time) and enjoys daily exercise in the form of walking, plogging, mountain bike riding, skiing and (very rarely) skateboarding. His fitness goal is to be strong enough to challenge his youngest son to a competitive game of bocce ball on his 100th birthday.

Listen to Rob talk about his vision for Oakville-Halton here.


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Time for Cricket in Oakville

In the last few years, Oakville has constructed 24 soccer fields, 54 playgrounds and 5 recreation centres. Every one of these facilities are top-notch and a real blessing for the people of Oakville. As the town continues to grow, I would champion the construction of some additional sport facilities that provide a little more variety for Oakvilians. Top of my list would be a cricket field. Cricket is a very popular sport throughout the GTA, and I’m sure a good quality pitch would be highly valued by many of our residents and allow us to develop a strong local team for competitions.

Develop young players

With a new cricket field added to our recreational repertoire, Oakville would truly own the title of “Canada’s Most Livable Town”.


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Vote for Rob Cottingham – Ward 4 Town/Region Councillor

On October 22, you will have an opportunity to vote for a new Town and Region councillor. In making your decision, please consider what is truly important to Oakville/Halton. Ask yourself: how can we ensure Oakville remains Canada’s Most Livable Town for generations to come? Clean air. Clean water. Less noise pollution. More resilient facilities. Less waste. Less tax hikes. To achieve these objectives, we need a Council with an eye on the future. The status quo is not enough. We can do better. For the sake of our children, we must do better.