Empty Buses

This is what the inside of an Oakville Transit bus looks like. I thought I’d post it because many people in town have not actually ridden on one. Whenever I see an OT bus go by, I try to count the number of passengers on board. The most I've ever counted is 12; but typically, I see only 2 or 3 passengers.

According to the 2017 report to council, OT delivered 2.9 million rides last year at a cost of $37 million dollars. That’s $13/ride on average. Of that, $3.75 is paid by the rider and $9.25 is paid from general Town revenue. By comparison, a typical Uber ride from Bronte Station to Trafalgar Hospital costs about $13.50. So, we are delivering rides for less money than a ride-hailing app, but just barely.

Is this the kind of value we expect from our transit system? Can we do better?

Here's a suggestion for OT: sell the noisy, over-sized buses we currently operate. Replace them with a fleet of smaller, quieter, more efficient buses like this one:

But please don't stop there. Please make sure the new buses are electric - they will be whisper-quiet. This will be greatly appreciated by all of our residents who live along a bus route.

In summary, a switch to smaller electric buses will:

  1. Reduce operating costs
  2. Reduce air pollution
  3. Reduce noise pollution

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