Waste Management

Keeping trash out of nature should be the top priority of any municipal waste management system. This is an area where I think Halton could do a little better. Our current blue bin program is very popular – almost every home takes advantage of the easy recycling solution it offers. The problem, however, is with our choice of bins. They are open, short, and lightweight. This means that they easily blow over on windy days. And when they do, all of that plastic that we so carefully placed in the bins ends up in nature.

The solution is remarkably easy. We just need new bins …┬ábins with lids! We already use this style in the downtown area (see photo below of the small-sized blue bins with lids). Why not use them everywhere in Halton? If we make this simple switch, far less of our plastic waste will go into the parks and creeks – and that’s good for everybody.




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